Your Stories

Shawn is the first person I interact with on Tuesday/Thursday mornings and, being understandably grumpy at 730 AM after my usual 4 hours of sleep, it's a good thing he always greets me with a giant smile on his face. His energy and enthusiasm at that hour of the morning is commendable, and provides a huge boost to my day.

What I appreciate most about Shawn's Pilates instruction is that it is tailored to me, my mood, and my needs. Sometimes, I'm in the mood to be stretched, and we focus on exercises that open up my hips, back, and shoulders. Other times, I want to be active and get some cardio in, so we use the jump board. Yet still other times, I'm feeling adventurous, and Shawn teaches me new exercises (inversions!) on the Cadillac or Wunda chair. Regardless, I always finish the hour feeling happier and free-er than when I entered the studio.

All that said, I suppose the best testimony to Shawn's training is the reaction I got from my high school friends last weekend upon seeing me for the first time in 10 years: "WOW! You're arms are so buff! They look AWESOME!" Music to every girl's ears.

Working with Shawn from Shawn's Studio has been the most important step to feeling well after surgery and after PT. Shawn has helped me work on post surgical issues such as flexibility, strength, balance, and reducing muscle/nerve pain. I have been amazed at the physical gains I see from Pilates and would recommend it to anyone that is transitioning out of PT.

Thank you, Shawn, for your great instruction! Your classes are a challenging workout, but are also studies in balance, stability, and flexibility. As a bodyworker I value the results you get in changing clients' bodies for the better with your attention to detail and what seems like real mastery of the Pilates system.

A superstar pilates instructor at Boston Body and Equinox, the talented Shawn has opened a small, elegant and intimate Pilates studio in Watertown. Shawn is extremely good at identifying problems in positioning and technique that can make Pilates in larger studios contribute to injury. He is very low pressure and respects your body's challenges and limitations. The single or double instruction makes the progress rapid in building core strength. I highly recommend him.

Shawn is more than a Pilates instructor. Working with him, learning precise moves, practicing in a very controlled way is healing. Shawn has the ability to change your life. Please know this is not the Pilates you will find at a local gym. You must experience it. Aside from the profound changes, you will feel, your mirror will thank you.