Studio Policies

  • All sessions are 55 minutes in length.
  • The initial 5-10 minutes of the first session are spent reviewing health history/issues, personal goals, and answering questions.
  • Please wear comfortable clothing (no baggy shorts) and clean socks or bare feet (no shoes in studio, please).
  • Due to the chemical sensitivities of many of our clients please refrain from wearing fragrances.
  • Inform your instructor immediately if you experience dizziness, shortness of breath, or pain in any area of your body.
  • All cellphones must be shut off or set on vibrate.
  • We reserve the right to turn away anyone who has flu/cold signs and symptoms.
  • Appointments may be requested online through our website
  • All packages have a 6 month expiration from date of purchase.
  • All packages/memberships are not transferable.
  • There are no refunds but appointments/classes are transferable to another individual
  • You must call to book any appointments/classes within 24hrs of the desired time.
  • All appointments/classes must be paid for before the start of the appointment class.

Cancellation Policies:

  • To cancel, please log in to your Wellness Living account. From your dashboard click the tab “my schedule” to see your upcoming schedule and cancel necessary appointments/classes.
  • All appointments/classes cancelled within 24 hours of the scheduled time will be charged the full amount.
  • You can avoid the late charge by rescheduling your session within 7 days of the late cancellation (in addition to your existing schedule). Please contact the studio to reschedule your canceled appointment/class.
  • Please inform us when you plan to go away on vacation with an email in order for us to adjust the schedule accordingly.
  • In the event of more than 3 cancellations in an 8-week period, we reserve the right to give your time slot away.

Snow Days

If school has been cancelled in our town or surrounding towns there will be no late cancellations for that day. If school has not been cancelled during a snow event, only those with conditions (that makes travel difficult) will be allowed to cancel without penalty. I reserve the right to close the studio if I feel travel for our teachers is too dangerous.