Services & Fees

Private Pilates Sessions - Watertown, Newton, Boston

Private Sessions

Private sessions provide you with a full-body Pilates workout that is crafted around your personal health and fitness goals. You learn how to safely use equipment such as the Reformer, Cadillac, Tower, Barrel, and Chair. Private Sessions are beneficial to everyone from beginners seeking to learn what Pilates is all about to intermediate or advanced students striving to take their Pilates practice to the next level. Please email Shawn to schedule your first private session now! All private sessions are 55 minutes.

Duets Pilates Sessions - Watertown, Newton, Boston

Duet Sessions

Duets (2 participants) offer a semi-private Pilates experience that incorporates the Reformer, Cadillac, Tower, Chair and more into your workout. Duets are a cost-effective way to supplement private or small group sessions and are suitable for all levels. Please email Shawn to schedule your duet and ask a friend to join you! All duets are 55 minutes.

Quartets (Small Group Pilates Sessions) - Watertown, Newton, Boston

Group Equipment Classes

Group Equipment Classes (maximum 4 participants) offer a semi-private Pilates workout that uses Reformers and the Tower. These small group sessions are a fun and cost effective way to supplement your current Pilates program or to begin your Pilates adventure. Quartets are suitable for all levels. Please email Shawn to schedule your group sessions. All small group sessions are 55 minutes.

Bodywork Sessions - Watertown, Newton, Boston

Bodywork (Acton only)

I like to think of health as having a broad definition. It's about having the soundness of body, mind, & spirit to accomplish desired tasks which vary in motives and requirements from one person to the next. My role as a bodyworker is to hold a space for the client to facilitate restoration by removing obstacles to the body's natural healing potential. Healing is a personal journey that begins with the belief that it is possible, and then figuring out what is necessary to create wellness. Along the way one may have to suspend judgments, shift perspectives, adopt new habits- essentially be open to change. All healing is self-healing.

Every session is personalized to your unique needs and goals. Relying on training & experience in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, Pre-natal,& Thai massage, as well as, Active Isolated Stretching, & Reiki, techniques are adapted for a relaxing and therapeutic session to promote healing. Techniques vary in pressure using a gentle firmness to Deep Tissue (on areas of focus) when necessary. Even when addressing a specific area related to an injury, the entire body is connected so that the work is comprehensive and you feel whole and grounded. Sessions leave you feeling relaxed, invigorated, and restored.

When appropriate, you will receive self-care tips you can choose to use outside of bodywork sessions for an increased sense of well-being. The goal is to have you leave feeling better than when you came in.

Row Sessions - Watertown, Newton, Boston


Designed for first-time rowers, yet dynamic enough for those with experience, Row is a total-bodyworkout that delivers results. Gauge your improvement in each class and over time by monitoring pace, distance, and calories burned. Mentally stimulating and physically exhilarating its team-oriented environment is fun and challenging for each individual participant. From "Skills and Drills" to "Waves and Recoveries," and finally a friendly (but competitive) "Race," reap all the benefits of this interval workout while developing the same essentials of breathing, focus, concentration & flow you learned in Pilates.

Pilates Barre & Mat Classes - Watertown, Newton, Boston

Pilates Mat Classes

These invigorating classes are a great stand alone workout or a perfect complement to your private or small group sessions. With a maximum of 6 participants you get the attention you need while enjoying a dynamic workout and saving money. As with all of our other sessions, corrections to ensure proper technique are given even when flow and pace are emphasized. Mats are provided for all classes.

Apprenticeship Private & Duet Pilates Sessions - Watertown, Newton, Boston

Apprenticeship Private Sessions

Enjoy a reduced rate on your private sessions when you sign-up with any of our apprentice instructors. These sessions combine Mat, Reformer and Tower work and are offered at both Acton and Watertown locations.

All of our sessions focus on the six core Pilates principles:
breathing, concentration, centering, control, precision, and flow.

Monthly Memberships

Looking to add more group classes to your Pilates and fitness regime? Try a membership! We are now offering memberships geared towards your unique needs so you can more easily reach your goals. Each membership includes a variety of classes to choose from including Indo- Row, Mat and Pilates equipment.

Discover how personalized Pilates memberships can make a difference for you!

Stability & Mobility

$239 (reg. $280) over 20% off
2 Group equipment classes per week

The Complete Package

$279 (reg $380) over 20% off
2 group equipment classes per week
1 Row/Mat per week

Power & Patience

$219 (reg $256) 20% off
1 group equipment class per week
1 Row/Mat per week

Memberships can only be purchased in studio. If you're new to our studio, we strongly recommend you start with our New to Pilates 3pk. Please see our New Client page.

Package Options


  • Single session $95
  • 5pk $450 ($90/session)
  • 10pk $850 ($85/session)

Apprentice Privates:

  • Single $70
  • 5pk $325 ($65/session)
  • 10pk $600 ($60/session)


  • Single $65 (per person)
  • 5pk $300 ($60/session/person)
  • 10pk $$550 ($55/session/person)

Group Equipment Classes:

  • Single $45
  • 5pk $200 ($40/class/person)
  • 10pk $380 ($38/class/person)


  • Single $35
  • 5pk $150 ($30/class/person)
  • 10pk $280 ($28/class/person)

Pilates Mat:

  • Single $28
  • 5pk $125 ($25/class/person)
  • 10pk $230 ($23/class/person)

Bodywork: (Acton only)

  • 1hr $95
  • 1/2hr $55
  • Hands & Feet $55

Students receive 15% off all regularly priced services. ID must be shown.

All clients new to group classes are strongly encouraged to take at least 3 private sessions (see New to Pilates pkg above) before participating in any group session so we can address your individual needs. This way you get the most personalized Pilates possible!

Please see our Cancellation Policy here.

New to Pilates 3pk of Privates for $129

3 Private sessions for $129 ( that's over a 60% discount from the standard rate!)This is a special for clients who are new to our studio only. It gives us the opportunity to personalize the method to meet your individual goals and discover which classes and instructors fit you best. Must use within 3 weeks of purchase date.

New to Pilates 3pk of Duets for $99/person

3 Duet sessions for $99 ( that's over a 50% discount from the standard rate!) This is a fun way for you and a friend to experience Pilates for the first time together. For clients who are new to our studio only. Must use within 4 weeks of purchase date.

New to Bodywork 60min. 3pk for $149 (Acton only)

Not sure if you'll want to commit to regular massage treatments? Try our New to Bodywork 60min. 3pk and find out how hands on Therapy can enhance your well-being. Jump start your wellness routine here and feel more relaxed, happier, and healthier!