Entering Acton

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Shawn's Studio continues our philosophy of supporting men and women’s wellness through personalized bodywork and therapeutic massage, as well as, welcoming children who can benefit from our physical therapy offerings. We are familiar with Acton-Boxborough's rigorous athletic training programs and its team accomplishments and look forward to contributing to the future success of its students.

The “core” of the studio is based in the work of Joseph Pilates and utilizes specialized equipment he designed for developing strength with flexibility, balance, good posture and alignment and a body/mind focus. Along with Pilates, clients have the option of increasing their fitness through WaterRowers- a dynamic and fun way of exercising.

The Acton location also includes massage therapy, nutrition counseling, and related wellness opportunities with Shawn’s wife, Maja: “ As a mom, I know the challenges inherent in balancing work and family and I am passionate about sharing ideas that can measurably improve wellbeing. Integrating additional wellness offerings allows you to round out your Pilates and fitness workouts and enhance your lifestyle."