Reader’s Questions: What is a WaterRower?

January 27th, 2015


Q: I've been hearing talk around the studio about Water Rowers; what are they?

A:  We're very excited about this great new addition to our studio offerings.  Water Rowers are indoor rowing machines with a unique WaterFlyweel design that blends the tranquility of water and rhythm of motion mimicking the dynamics of a boat moving through water. It even sounds soothing as the blades rotate inside the water wheel.  It's the next best thing to rowing on the Charles!

You can try this dynamic exercise in one of our two classes: Row or Tower-Row. The former is designed for first time rowers, yet it can be challenging enough for those with experience. The latter is a combination of Pilates and rowing. Both classes give you the option of getting feedback on your performance by monitoring pace, distance, and calories burned allowing you to gauge improvement in each class over time.

With Rowing you can reap all the benefits of an interval workout while developing the same principles of breathing, focus, concentration, & flow that are key to an effective Pilates session.

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