Discover how personalized Pilates can make a difference for you.

We meet your unique needs through a mix of Pilates, Barre, and Water Rowers to achieve maximum results and fun.


Shawn is more than a Pilates instructor. Working with him, learning precise moves, practicing in a very controlled way is healing. Shawn has the ability to change your life. Please know this is not the Pilates you will find at a local gym. You must experience it. Aside from the profound changes you will feel, your mirror will thank you.

Nanci P.


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Private Pilates Lessons - Watertown, Newton, Boston

Private lessons

Duet Pilates Sessions - Watertown, Newton, Boston


Quartet (Small Group Pilates Classes) - Watertown, Newton, Boston


Private & Duet Pilates Apprenticeship - Watertown, Newton, Boston

private & duet

Pilates Barre - Watertown, Newton, Boston


Water Rower - Watertown, Newton, Boston

Water Rower

If not now, then when?

We realize not everyone has the time or inclination to get up at 5 AM to rush to the studio before work. Therefore, we hold sessions at flexible hours so you can fit exercise into your busy day.

Meet your teachers

Shawn Giles - Shawn's Studio in Watertown, MA

Shawn Giles

Leah Principe - Shawn's Studio in Watertown, MA

Leah Principe

Katie Mindess - Shawn's Studio in Watertown, MA

Katie Mindess